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Keeping awake so that I can sell my soul to the retail world during the holidays. I am done, with this paycheck I am buying art supplies and starting to paint and draw again. I may also start to rewrite the novel that was started so long ago. I am tired of living for a paycheck, it isn't the way one should spend their short time in your current body on.

If I can make enough money by selling art/photography to just put a roof over my head and even live off of ramen that will be enough for me. I can live without video games, a hard task for me, but if I can give up meat for no real reason for 10+ years I think I can kick my gaming habit. I play to escape my reality, if I am enjoying what I am doing then why would I want to escape it? Seems logical enough to me.

I have to be awake for at least six more hours, how did I used to remain awake for days at a time. It is no wonder I used to see things.

"And you're wondering whose bright idea
It was to pack your things and leave your friends
And move down here"


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